Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let’s Google That Bug

When a 4-year-old, upon spotting an insect that she can’t identify, says to her brother and sister, “let’s Google that bug”, the usage of a company name as a verb reaches a new level when it is part of the lexicon of such a young child. When I hear those words coming from Naimah, it is my call to action to grab my camera. In less than a half hour this morning, we came across some interesting species just on our back porch.

Léah and Gabriel quickly identified this one sitting on our door screen as a leaf bug.

This one looks like it is a member of some butterfly family.

But what the heck is this? Gabriel called it a “furry tiger bug”. Those glowing yellow antennae? That’s not an effect from the camera.

On the subject of discoveries, Mélanie noticed just this week that we have bananas growing on the trees outside our bathroom (close to where she discovered the infamous snake).

But Gabriel and I couldn’t figure out what this is growing 2 trees over.

And while I am at it listing some of these head scratchers, what exactly is this in front of our neighbor’s house? Is it a bat net or something?

Can I Google “weird web net thingy” and get an explanation?