Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coq Chantant

I am an early-riser especially since I started working on a different time zone 5 years ago. Since 2004, I have been starting work around 5:30am Pacific Standard Time (PST) due to the time difference of 3 hours between British Columbia and our head office in Quebec; now with a 2 hour time difference in Costa Rica, I am spoiled with an extra hour of sleep.

I was joking recently with someone at the office that considering how early I wake up, I should have been a rooster. Yes, but being a rooster would mean that I would wake the rest of the family up with my crowing in the morning. Little did I know that literally the day after, the entire family started getting woken up by an actual rooster crowing at the absurd hour of 4 am. (Aren’t roosters supposed to crow when the sun is actually up?) Where exactly did this rooster come from? Did one of our neighbors purchase a new rooster or had this rooster moved into a nearby vacation rental? The strange thing is that the crowing seemed to get louder and louder each morning until it sounded like it was right outside our window. Was it our sleep-deprived minds that were causing this illusion? The kids even told us that they had seen the rooster right outside their room. Ya, right. Finally, one morning Mélanie couldn’t take the sound anymore, journeyed outside, and, ‘lo and behold, the mischievous little bugger had indeed walked over to our house! Talk about an annoying house call.

We spent the last 2 mornings chasing him away in our underwear and now we just close the gate to our house at night to prevent him from getting in at all.

Here is a picture of our uninvited guest enjoying our yard at dawn before I chased him away (hopefully) for the final time.