Wednesday, August 5, 2009

135 Species of Snakes

In Costa Rica, there are 135 species of snakes, and only 17 are known to be venomous. Experts state that the different venomous snakes found in Costa Rica are not exactly easy to find, and that most of the snakes in Costa Rica are nocturnal and usually just rest up during the day. These facts don’t make Mélanie feel any better especially after she came across this when sweeping outside our bathroom:

A snake had decided to squeeze itself through a tiny hole in the stone wall that circles our house in order to molt. Mélanie is quite scared of snakes and getting direct confirmation that at least one of the 135 species in Costa Rica likes to hang out at our house doesn’t help matters. (Although I found it fascinating that snakes can climb vertical surfaces like our stone walls.)

Pouring salt on the wound, the first thing that Léah reported when she came home, “Jésus, a boy in my school, got bitten by a snake today”. You should have seen Mélanie’s face.

In a panic, Mélanie spoke to one of the gardeners working nearby to allay her fears. His response? “You shouldn’t worry about the snakes; it’s the scorpions that are dangerous.” Oh great, those molt in our clothes drawers!