Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We visited the church in Grecia with Mélanie’s aunt, Michèle, who came to see us in Costa Rica for a week and a half.


Gabriel and Naimah weren’t interested in touring the church so they kept themselves busy collecting mangoes in the park in front of the church. At that age, they can really entertain themselves with anything.

Gabriel scouting for mangoes

(Aside: Gabriel refused to cut his hair for awhile because he liked Zac Efron’s style. When I told him one night that our dove might make a nest in his fluffy hair, he decided to have it cut the next day.)

DSC_0055[1] ZacEfron_RollingStone[1]

Naimah collecting as many mangoes as she possibly can in her little arms


Naimah pleased with her harvest


Reviewing the quality of their findings