Thursday, November 12, 2009

Road Construction

In North America, it is a common sight to see five men working on the construction of a road; often one or two of them are working with the heavy machinery while the rest are watching. In Costa Rica, all five of those men are working very hard building the road with the same methods that they have been using for many years; the process is fairly manual and in this sweltering heat, it involves a lot of sweat.

DSC_0002[3] All of the rocks that make up the foundation are laid by hand.

DSC_0005[1]A sample of the finished product (notice how in this case, it just ends all of a sudden and then continues as grass).

DSC_0026[1]While taking these pictures (specifically, this next one), I stepped off the road for a moment and as the shutter went, I felt an intense burning on my ankles. Clearly the fire ants weren’t too keen that I was stomping on their territory.