Thursday, April 26, 2012

Joy’s House

Back in Chiang Mai, we stayed at a guesthouse called “Joy’s House”.

Breakfast outside
Trying out some bikes
Playing in the pool
Relaxing by the pool

While we were sitting by the pool, some of the locals introduced us to a fruit called “Champoo” (or “rose apple”) that were growing on the trees around the pool. Based on its outward appearance, it could easily be mistaken for a small pear, although the skin is quite waxy compared to pears. Champoo are eaten skin and all. The texture is somewhere between a watermelon and an apple, as is the taste. There are several varieties of Champoo, with the most common in Thailand having a light green skin. This green variety is available almost year round, while the seasonal variety that we ate vary in color from apple red to almost black.