Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome Back

We are back in Victoria, British Columbia. We will still be posting about the rest of our travels in Greece but figured that we would sprinkle some present-day happenings in-between.

Since we didn’t tell many people when were coming back, we expected to return to an empty home without much fanfare. What an amazing surprise to find that someone had planned the warmest welcome that we have ever received!

A streamer welcoming us in our living room
Flowers and “Welcome Home Globetrotters” note, plus some fake spilled nail polish on the kitchen counter to get a rise out of us.
DSC_0007[1] DSC_0009[2]
A personalized sign welcoming each of our children awaiting them in their rooms
And possibly the greatest gift that anyone could bestow on a weary traveller dreading the return to a house devoid of anything edible… a fridge and counter stocked with the essentials!
DSC_0005[1] DSC_0006[2]

In our world travels, we have met so many special people but every time we return, we are reminded how blessed we are to have such generous and thoughtful neighbours right next door. Thank you so much Laurie Anne, Richard, Reece, and Ana!