Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

The kids didn’t have their bicycles while we were in Costa Rica for the year and so they were ecstatic to find them when we got back home. They have tried to spend as much time as possible on their bikes and every spare moment, ask us if they can go for a ride.

Naimah didn’t know how to ride a bike before we left for Costa Rica. We were surprised when she hopped on Gabriel’s old push bike (a bicycle with 2 wheels but no pedals) and zoomed around on it. A few days later, she was pedaling and skipped over training wheels completely.

DSC_0022[1] DSC_0032[1]
DSC_0037[1] DSC_0039[1]

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DSC_0099[1] DSC_0100[1]