Saturday, December 22, 2012

Magic Kingdom, Disney World

The classic Dumbo ride

Big Thunder Mountain

In front of Gaston’s tavern at the New Fantasyland

At the Beast’s Castle in the New Fantasyland

On the Little Mermaid ride

Meeting Ariel



This next picture makes it look like Cinderella’s Castle didn’t survive the fireworks.

Not to worry, Cinderella’s Castle is still there at the heart of the Magic Kingdom.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The small town of Amphawa, around 75 kilometres southwest of Bangkok, has managed to retain its classic rural Thai charm. The town received an award from UNESCO in 2008 for its efforts to conserve the centuries-old teak wood homes and temples that line the canal.

A mid-week visit offers the chance to be swept up in Amphawa’s ultra-relaxed atmosphere. Old houses line the east to west flowing Amphawa canal through town, and we had the opportunity to spend some time in a homestay in one of the historic canal-side houses close to the floating market.

After their experience working with elephants in Northern Thailand, the kids were not happy to see this elephant made to work on the streets for the entertainment of the tourists.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Krabi Town Night Market

Hiring a boat to return to the mainland from Railay Beach.

Meals on a stick

Ready to go meals in a bag

Sausage rolls

Fresh, deep-fried sausages (Thai POGOs).

Friday, December 7, 2012

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a small peninsula located between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand accessible only by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. (This ads some drama and sense of adventure to your arrival since luggage often has to be carried overhead as you hop from the boat into the shallow waters of the beach.) These cliffs attract rock climbers from all over the world, but the area is also popular due to its beautiful beaches and quiet relaxing atmosphere.

Magnificent sunsets

Sky lanterns have become an integral part of traditional culture in Asia, particularly in Thailand, where they are released at celebrations and can symbolize good luck, the making of wishes, and the sending of problems and worries away into the air. Large scale lantern festivals like the festival of Loi Krahtong in Thailand produce stunning displays of hundreds of sky lanterns filling the sky.