Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh is just offshore from Phi Phi Don in Thailand. It is a beautiful island with very high sheer cliff faces dropping vertically into the water.

The main features of this island are the limestone caves, the most famous being Viking Cave with its bird's nest gatherers, who risk their lives to climb thin stalks of bamboo to reach golden nests made from bird saliva. Cruising around the limestone island monoliths of Krabi, it is common to see thin stalks of bamboo inside caves many hundreds of feet up in the cliff faces.

This particular type of bird's nest is made by the Fork-tailed Swift and is regarded, especially by the Chinese, as the food of kings only eaten on special occasions. It is also regarded as an elixir of life giving the eater strength and vitality.

Bird's nests can fetch over 1,000 dollars per kilogram. In Thailand, you can find many restaurants specializing in cooking this delicacy in the form of bird's nest soup and many drinks sold in local shops contain the famous Fork-tailed Swift's bird nest.

Videos of the gorgeous water around Phi Phi Leh: