Monday, January 10, 2011


We went dogsledding one afternoon in Quebec.

The experience began with the sound of the dogs barking as they begged to be chosen to pull the sleds. We were involved with putting together the dogsled teams and bringing the dogs out to be attached to the sleds.

I was selected to bring out the exceptionally strong dogs. Here I am pretending to be in control while I get dragged along.

Nothing gets the heart pumping more than to be strapped snuggly into a dog sled being whisked away by 6 truly excited canines who live to run.

Mélanie in the passenger seat below. She normally likes to be in the driver seat for gasoline-powered vehicles but when it comes to dogs, she prefers that I take the helm.

Léah and Naimah wrapped up tight.

Gabriel and Sabine, warm and cozy in their sled.

The athletes

Dogsledding in Mont Tremblant