Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day at Sea – Milos (part 3)

Traditional fisherman villages with their colorful “syrmata” (small fisherman houses).

Sunset dinner

Day at Sea – Milos (part 2)

Swimming at Kalogries bay

Drying squid in the sun (to eat for a snack later)

Day at Sea – Milos (part 1)

A spectacular day at sea in Milos, Greece

Sykia is a cave whose roof has collapsed and is accessible only by small boat though an arch.

The imposing white rocks and the crystal turquoise waters of Kleftiko.

Kleftiko is known to have been an old pirates’ hideout, where they would stash their stolen treasures. The only way to access Kleftiko - which is situated in the south-western tip of Milos - is by boat.

Snorkeling through the caves and tunnels around Kleftiko’s famous cove of crystal-clear seawater and gigantic rock formations.